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Sixteen is a project aiming to change the world and alter course for Generation Z and beyond. It aims to change the world, by empowering young people to change the world for themselves.  

Over the past five years I have travelled the world, engaging with, interviewing and writing about young people – a profession that has made me a sought-out expert, produced a critically acclaimed book, and a place on many advisory boards, on everything from brands to political think-tanks. 

I have come to realise that Generation Z (current 13-23 year olds) are a generation with the real potential to instigate much-needed global transformation and save the world – and Sixteen will help them be this much-needed change. 

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Big ticket issues
  •  School & Education 
  •  Bullying 
  •  Poverty in communities 
  •  Online protection
  •  Branding Identity: Online & Offline  
  •  Climate Crisis: Friday School Strike, CO2 Recycle, Plastic prevention   
  •  Violence & Crime 
  •  Physical & Mental Health
  •  Refugee Rights 
  •  Loneliness and community building
  •  Freedom of expression   
  • Race Relations 
  •  Equal Worth: Boy rights, Girl's rights, 
  •  Disability Rights 
  •  The Arts & Entertainment  
  •  Self worth and identity  
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